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Music Instruction

Music is an essential part of the education at OSSB. Since most of our students have little to no vision, music takes on added significance as the most approachable art form in which they can participate. All students K-8, and all students with multiple disabilities take music classes. We also offer a diverse array of performing groups, including the world's ONLY blind Marching Band, Junior High Band and Choir, High School Choir, Strings, and private lessons so that interested students can find the musical experience that suits them best.

Students learn to read music Braille as well as gain the ability to learn music by ear. Our sighted students learn to read standard music notation. We have also had guests from the Artist in Residence program present lessons in order to expose the students to the music of other cultures. This allowed us to involve the entire school into the study of a continent or country which promoted cultural diversity, tolerance, and encouraged the students to open their minds to many different kinds of music.

  • Multiple Disabilities Students have music three times a week.
  • Elementary Students have music three times a week.
  • Jr. High Students have music five times a week.
  • High School Choir meets five times a week.
  • High School Marching Band meets five times a week, plus a marching practice once a week during football season. Participants must also attend a week long band camp during the summer. The OSSBMB performs at area football games and performs as a pep band at the Ohio School for the Deaf basketball games.
  • Private lessons occur once a week.

Music Staff

  • Yolanda Johnson: Director of Music
  • Melissa Robol: Accompanist, Private Lessons
  • Visit the Music News website for important information from your Panther Music Staff!! *Coming Soon*

Important Websites

Help support OSSB Parents, Teachers, and Students.

Music Braille:
This website offers a description of Music Braille and how it works.

Summer Music Braille Institute

National Resource Center for Blind Musicians including how to use Finale to enlarge music on the computer screen.

'GoodFeel' Music Braille generating (transcription) computer program
'Cakewalk' Music Recording and Notation software
'JAWS' software

Music Braille Product Guide: Provides many products associated with music Braille.