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Applications for Students

Below is a list of the most commonly used online learning applications by students at the Ohio State School for the Blind.  For issues with logging into an app, please contact your teacher.

Google Classroom


Unique Learning Environment


Bell Schedule

The bell schedule is followed by grades K-12.

Monday - Thursday Bell Schedule    (click to expand)

HR:     8:05-8:15

1st:      8:15-8:55

2nd:     8:58-9:38

3rd:      9:41-10:21

4th:      10:24-11:04

5th A:  11:07-11:47

5th B:  11:50-12:23

6th:      12:26-1:06

7th:      1:09-1:49

8th:      1:52-2:32

9th:      2:35-3:15 

Friday Bell Schedule    (click to expand)

HR:      8:05-8:15

1st:       8:15-8:50

2nd:      8:53-9:28

3rd:       9:31-10:06

4th:       10:09-10:44

5th A:   10:47-11:22

5th B:   11:25-11:58

6th:       12:01-12:36

7th:       12:39-1:14

8th:       1:17-1:52

9th:       1:55-2:30

Cafeteria Menu

Current Menu - OSSB offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.