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Dr. Alison LaBarre

July 14, 2021 | About

Dr. Labarre wearing a black blazer with a royal blue scarf.

Dr. Al LaBarre began working with the Ohio State School for the Blind (OSSB) as the principal in 2015. Since that time she has also held the positions of Director of Auxiliary Services and as the Assistant Superintendent for both OSSB and the Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD). She was recently named the Executive Director for Statewide Services and Outreach at OSSB and OSD. Prior to joining OSSB and OSD, her career included being high school principal, a middle school assistant principal and a middle school science teacher.  

Dr. LaBarre earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. She also earned a Doctor of Education Administration degree from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. 

During her time at the schools, Dr. LaBarre has been successful in working on many programs. She helped to get the ball rolling with applying for the 21st Century grant at OSSB, over-seeing the application and review for the Preschool program to earn a 5-star accreditation through Ohio’s Step Up to Quality program, OSSB’s re-accreditation, continued growth of the Statewide Service s program and growth in transition services (OSSB’s EDGE and OSD’s 4Plus) programs.